London Fashion Week Day 2 Holly Fulton SS13

I remember when Holly Fulton was the hot topic back when she debuted her collection in 2009. I was working for Louise Gray at the time when Fulton moved from Fashion East to Newgen. Everyone around me was making so much fuss about her collection, in and out of her post-catwalk booth at Somerset House like there was some freak show going on in there. I recollect, after having had a nosy myself, that I didn’t really like the collection so much; sure I appreciated the skill and it was something unseen before, but  I found it a bit square and unflattering.

After catching up on all the live-streams from Saturday’s catwalks, WOW was I in for an amazing treat. Holly Fulton’s SS13 collection is to die for. It completely took me by surprise. The colours, the shapes, the textile designs – absolutely gorgeous.

In keeping with her signature art deco themes and love for all things geometrical – the pieces had Fulton written all over them – but the shapes she had cut were so feminine and flattering. The textile print designs were out of this world, intricate and mind baffling – they had a kaleidoscope effect to them. A beautiful rose print appeared on most of the garments in a variety of colours and sizes, they too added to the overall feminine feel of this collection. As can be expected with Fulton, the garments were accessorised fittingly with the designers luxurious art-deco jewellery designs.

A must see collection. You can view her ss13 catwalk show on London Fashion Week’s official site.

rights to photographs used belong to YourMotherShouldKnow


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