Mystery Jets at La Fleche d’Or Wednesday 21st Nov

Woo hoo the Mystery Jets are in town…in Paris and to make things 10 times more awesome – they’re playing at my fav Paris venue – La Flèche d’Or, this place plays host to the coolest of the cool indie groups and singers. So annoyed I missed Lou Doillon last month. The venue is so chilled out and it’s club goers are so much fun.

The Mystery Jet’s Radworld UK tour started this month so after their Uk appearances they’re now on the last few stops in Europe before finishing off In London before November ends.

Their new album shows a shift in musical style – They have obviously taken inspiration from their album recording location of Texas. Their music is softer and shows a hint of country style influence, although they have stayed true to their electronic-keyboard tripping roots. I like what they said on their fansite, it’s what I thought when I first heard their song The Hale Bop, which I’m totally killing btw –

 “unsuspecting listeners could be forgiven for thinking that all three Bee Gees are alive and well”

Their album is on iTunes or better still go see them live if you’re in Paris this evening.




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