IGGY AZALEA in Paris at The Social Club

So last Tuesday evening I dragged my tired arse down to The Social Club. Nothing was going to stop me from going to see the amazingly stylish and talented Iggy Azalea, who happened to be doing a set for one night only in Paris. Her last Paris appearance was in June, so I was so hyped when I found out she was playing again.

Obviously my gold Gogo Philip hoops and my Dr.Martens were the go to for my outfit.

After being reassured by one of her entourage at the door that her booty was all real, I made my way into the den to find Iggy already on stage. The atmosphere was amazing – you could tell only hardcore Iggy fans had come along, mostly expat hipsters with some young Frenchies thrown in. In true Iggy style we were told to sway our middle finger and girls were invited up on stage for a twerk contest.

Notorious for her 20min sets, Iggy wasn’t on long – but it was short and oh so sweet. The girl is crazy hot and very talented. Her aggression and style is so contagious, we left like an army of cloned Iggy’s ready to go forth and spread the word of “Pussy Power”.

Iggy has a few more dates lined up in Europe before she heads back to the States, so go see her bitches (Iggy influence).

Trapgold mixtape can be downloaded for free from Iggy’s website.


Have you seen Iggy’s most recent video Back 2 Tha Future

But nothing can beat Murda Bizness


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