Wildfox SS13 Look Book – Flash back to Clueless days

My little sister got me the movie Clueless on dvd this Christmas. I screamed when I opened the present – it was my favourite movie back in the 90s and still is. I’d been wanting my own copy for so long.

So to my surprise during my daily blog browsing I saw that Wildfox Couture founder Kimberley Gordon had put up the new SS13 look book on her blog; for the SS13 look book the Wildfox team were inspired by the movie Clueless.

For those who don’t know so much about Wildfox; Wildfox Couture was setup in 2007 by childhood friends Kimberley Gordon and Emily Faulstich – it has had huge success and in my opinion this is due to their incredible creative talent in presenting their brand. Each look book is deliciously fabulous.

This has to be one of my favourite Wildfox shoots. Check it out…







All image rights go to Wildfox Couture

Photography by Mark Hunter
Editing by Kimberley Gordon

Styling by  Kimberley Gordon, Meredith Leyerzaph & Emily Siegs

Executive Producer  Jimmy Sommers

Ps. Blogger Haleigh of makingmagique.com, whom I have been assisting these past few months, has recently posted an interview with Wildfox founder Emily Faulstich, with whom she is very good friends with. It’s a good read and as usual Haleigh posts some gorgeous photos – Haleigh interviews Emily Faulstich


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