Bubblegum Bitch photo-shoot Sneak Preview

So I’ve been waiting patiently, as one must, for Mathilde (the photographer) to edit the photos from our shoot a couple of weeks back. We were really grateful to Seven Hotel for lending us the Alice themed suite – so cute and quirky. I am also now obsessed with Flo de Richefort’s collections. After 2 rounds of selecting and editing I think Mathilde and I are finally pleased with our choice of photos for publishing. All that’s left now is to get back in touch with the press that were interested in the shoot. I love comparing the mood boards to the  me how the shoot turns out, there’s always some kind of evolution. Just for you, here is a sneaky preview of a couple of my fav shots, shhhhh don’t tell anyone.

Yonah12 Yonah14 Yonah5 Yonah16

Must give my make-up artist a shout out as well – Havalah Francis of Aveda Agency.

What do you girls think????

Here’s the music that inspired us throughout the shoot:



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