Korean beauty has taken centre stage of the beauty industry, everyone is looking to the East for the next cosmetic advancement or latest trending ingredient.

One very smart lady, Alicia Yoon saw the demand for Korean beauty products here in the west and created Peach & Lily. The idea behind Peach & Lily is to teach its customer about the innovations behind the brands, as well as ancient philosophies and beauty rituals from the East.

So why is Korean beauty so popular at the moment? Well did you know that they were the ones who came up with the BB cream? We also have them to thank for the CC cream! They have introduced the western world to many new innovations and new products including sheet masks and the cushion compact. So quite naturally we start to look to Korea for our new beauty fixes.

They are also the ones who introduced us to the benefits of snail secretion, which sounds revolting but surprisingly is packed full of collagen boosting nutrients. Hyaluronic acid is great for improving your skin’s moisture content.

By educating and offering advice alongside hand selected and quality approved brands Alicia is definitely giving the customer what they crave. For so many online retailers fill their blogs with the same generic ‘how to create the smoky eye’ posts, which have become a bit tiresome to say the least. As I am sure also most would agree, entering into the beauty hall at Selfridges is a military mission; ducking and diving the missiles of perfume clad store assistants ready and armed with the latest Juicy Couture scent to kill you off in one spritz.

As well as running a super helpful blog which offers advice and ingredient info, Alicia’s team go through a rigorous process to test and carefully select the brands they sell,  maintaining a high standard of new and forward-thinking brands.

So if you’re in the market for a new oil based cleanser or a collagen plumping face mask from Korea look no further than Peach & Lily.

Shop the Sheet Masks at Peach & Lily here: http://bit.ly/1opgRwD




How funny I wrote an article over a year ago about Social Ecommerce and look what launched last month; The Net Set, Net-a-Porter’s first social shopping network!

I’ve been a bit busy to get to the laptop the last few weeks so I know this is old news by now but I still wanted to touch on the subject.

Having worked for the last 3 years with various fashion and lifestyle tech start-ups, you come to realise that we are teetering on the edge of a digital Ecommerce transformation. With apps helping you buy the things you like on Instagram and wearable tech becoming a norm, I give it another 2-3 years until the way we shop online does another 360 and we are completely shopping through apps on our smartphones.

Cleverly done, you have to be invited by The Net Set to join the exclusive shopping app, once in the clique with app at the ready, you are set forth to enter a world of fast fashion.

You can browse, admire, shop and be inspired, think Instagram with a shopping cart, without the pushy sponsored posts and #likesforlikes kind of crowd!

If you haven’t joined the clique then you can request your invitation here: www.thenetset.com 






Have you heard the fabulous news? Chanel will open its first ever spa at The Ritz Hotel in Paris!

The exclusive luxury brand are very particular about partnerships and pop-up stores. They did a pop-up store in London a few years ago, which was their second only ever. The spa at The Ritz in Paris is getting a beautiful make-over ready for Chanel’s spa opening, which is expected to be at the end of this year.

It seems the fashion brand is slowing lifting the veil and reaching out for more of us to experience Chanel in all its opulence. They are also planning to launch an ecommerce site next year, so if you’re living in the deepest part of Peru you can still look fabulously chic!

I don’t think this will be the last from Chanel, although notorious for their exclusivity and mystery, they are always quick to adapt to their growing market of tech loving fashionistas.

Watch this space!


Southeast Asia: Online Fashion Destinations


Having just moved back from Southeast Asia, I have been so busy starting my new job and moving apartments, I haven’t had chance to share all my top fashion insider info. While living and working in Bangkok, I had the chance to really get to know the fashion industry there. Here are my two favourite fashion websites you have to know!!!



Bangkok based brand Pomelo is my absolute favourite fashion website. Their styles are really on trend and really affordable. Their whole look and feel is super cool. They’re definitely set to take over SEA, watch this space:


Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 16.25.42



All the way from Korea, Style Nanda are slowly but surely spreading their style across Asia. I went to their first store opening in Bangkok back in April just before I left. There was so much hype and excitement for them to launch in Thailand and they’re already a huge success over in Korea:


Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 16.32.47









Instagram, once upon a time, was where I shared selfies of my new manicure holding bottles of perfume and magazines, occasionally I’d share a picture of my shih-tzhu puppy or something I’d baked, but it seems more and more of us are now actually using Instagram for something totally different.

Don’t worry this isn’t about to turn sinister. Insiders believe that we are increasingly using Instagram for shopping. Get this, 90 million people use Instagram regularly every month and those people like photos on Instagram at a rate of 8,500 per second…per second. If you think about all the visuals that are being absorbed that’s a lot of subconscious marketing being taken in!

Currently shopping on Instagram is not so obvious, nor is it easy or direct, it’s hidden behind smoke and mirrors. More and more labels are building their brand awareness through Instagram, bloggers are being paid to promote them and there are apps and websites popping up making the most of this untapped market to provide this additional shopping service.

Heard of www.keep.com? They are doing just that! Using the infamous hashtag, got to love a hashtag, Keep taps into the hottest trending pics on Instagram and then tells you where you can shop the clothes.

CEO Scott Kurnit tells Venturebeat: “Our job is to find cool stuff that is trending, and it dawned on us that there is this vast fashion experience on Instagram but you can’t click outside of the ecosystem…If you see something you like, there is no further information on where to get it or easy way to buy it. We want to make those images actionable.”

So if you don’t think you’re shopping on Instagram you probably are and if you’re not, you will be very soon! Social e-commerce is happening!

Bubblegum Bitch photo-shoot Sneak Preview

So I’ve been waiting patiently, as one must, for Mathilde (the photographer) to edit the photos from our shoot a couple of weeks back. We were really grateful to Seven Hotel for lending us the Alice themed suite – so cute and quirky. I am also now obsessed with Flo de Richefort’s collections. After 2 rounds of selecting and editing I think Mathilde and I are finally pleased with our choice of photos for publishing. All that’s left now is to get back in touch with the press that were interested in the shoot. I love comparing the mood boards to the  me how the shoot turns out, there’s always some kind of evolution. Just for you, here is a sneaky preview of a couple of my fav shots, shhhhh don’t tell anyone.

Yonah12 Yonah14 Yonah5 Yonah16

Must give my make-up artist a shout out as well – Havalah Francis of Aveda Agency.

What do you girls think????

Here’s the music that inspired us throughout the shoot:


Paris Fashion Week best of Street Style AW13/14 shows



I, like most fashion craving junkies, have been following the endless tumblings of Paris Fashion week street style shots – Paris attracts the best dressed during fashion week, in my opinion. Here are a compilation of my favourites this season. The trends that stood out for me are:

MULTIPLE LAYERING – trousers, skirt, shirt, jacket and coat – the more layers the better

SPORTS GRUNGE – grungy look mixed with sportswear accessories

HIGH WAISTED CIGARETTE TROUSERS – seemly worn with crop top and plenty of midriff

ROUND SUNGLASSES AND SQUARE BOXY BAGS – the key accessories worn this season

FUR – worn slung over a shoulder or layered up on top of a jacket

THE STATEMENT DRESS – lots of colour or a crazy pattern, generally worn with a plain coat/jacket

Paris fashion wk street style AW13 pfw st style 2 pfw st style 3 pfw st style 4

Round-up London Fashion Week AW13 – Holly Fulton

I admittedly changed my opinion on Holly Fulton last season. I waited for this season to see if it was just a fluke but no I am officially a Holly Fulton fan. Her collections seem to have gone down a younger more feminine route – the shapes she is now sending down the catwalk are much more flexible and flattering. Her quirky graphic prints are still as fun and loud but I find her collections more wearable. This seasons shade of rusty ruby red was a prominent colour in Fulton’s collection. Holly Fulton is the kind of designer where just one piece of her collection, a jacket or a skirt, would be enough to give an instant bit of creativity to your look.

00140h_426x639Holly-Fulton-AW13-07 holly-fulton-london-fashion-week-aw1331936_10151449071419851_885748749_nFultonLucy1

Round-up London Fashion Week AW13 – Unique

Topshop’s Unique label is always a favourite show; it’s wearable, affordable and yet more than fashionable. Right down to the shoes, accessories and make-up we can all get our hands on the looks they send down the catwalk.

This winter’s collection has a range of hues and patterns to suit all tastes. Lots of thick boxy jackets, we saw both flared trousers and flared knee-length skirts, quite a bit of faux fur draped here and there, lots of midriff, 3/4 length cigarette trousers – a real mix of ‘sweet n grunge’ – just how I like it. Here are my favourite looks from the show…

uniq_rtw_aw13_0381_18i89id-18i89jf uniq_rtw_aw13_0823_18i89id-18i89kd uniq_rtw_aw13_0911_18i89id-18i89kk uniq_rtw_aw13_0943_18i89id-18i89kl Unique Catwalk - London Fashion Week 2013

Round-up London Fashion Week AW13 – Simone Rocha


Simone Rocha, daughter of John Rocha, has only been showing solo for a few seasons after first showing with Fashion East. Grabbing the spot light with her strong, feminine collections this young designer of 26 has been the chou chou of the fashion world for the last few years. Her AW13 collection is surprising light coloured for a winter collection and very pink. The forms, texture and attention to detail are what make her collections so popular.

95804_960n 95806_960n 482603_10151452488894851_788521745_n Simone Rocha - Runway - LFW F/W 2013

Round-up London Fashion Week AW13 – Moschino Cheap & Chic

Moschino Cheap & Chic, Moschino’s playful younger sister, is always fun and adventurous. Creative director Rosella Jardini, always shows the brand’s younger label during London’s Fashion Week as she believes London is at the forefront of young, playful fashion, which I definitely second.

For the young fashion savvy girl on a budget and on the look out for something silly yet feminine Moschino Cheap and Chic’s latest collection is nice and bright to blow those winter blues away – although admittedly we have to wait until next winter to wear!!

Always on the edge of tacky, we see lots of garish colours, lots of leopard print, graffiti prints and 80s inspired shapes, dropped waists and dresses with peter-pan collars and exaggerated pussy bows.

Love Moschino Cheap and Chic for a bit of feminine fun.


902745_12ULWMY8HR8F68FJ2WGCF5BEKUYB66_moschino-cheap-and-chic-lfw-aw-13-14-5_H183649_L Moschino show, Autumn Winter 2013, London Fashion Week, London, Britain - 16 Feb 2013

Round-up London Fashion Week AW13 – Orla Kiely



So my London Fashion Week Round-up AW13 must start with Orla Kiely’s presentation. The way she approached the presentation format was something I hadn’t seen before, like stumbling across a 50s movie set in action, except the beautiful mannequins were in constant rotation. The set had been designed to look like a 1950s style office with models posing as the office secretaries. Orla Kiely, renowned for her 50s style and patterns, has produced a beautifully, wearable collection for AW13/14. Yes it may not so “fashion forward”, but what Kiely does best is her graphic patterns and kitsch sweetness. This women’s brand keeps going from strength to strength as buyers can’t get enough of her. Sweet collection.







Sky Ferreira, Music and Musing – Saint Laurent pre-fall13


Sky Ferreira is really gaining momentum at the moment. After the release of her EP Ghost back in October, She seems to be everywhere I turn. Pitchfork reviewed her as; “It’s official: she’s the year’s next big latent potential”.

So reading up about this girl, I find out that she had a bit of a fail start in the industry but by cleverly using the contacts she had made and nurturing her look, she’s made it back for another stab at it – and I believe this time around she’ll make it. She’s obviously a very clued up girl and like many young singers these days isn’t just marketing herself as a singer. She appears on all social media platforms and is continuously becoming more and more involved in the fashion scene, recently landing the model/muse role with Saint Laurent.

I absolutely fell in love with her I saw the Saint Laurent Pre-Fall13 collection shoot shot by Hedi Slimane. Her girly, grundgy style is so up my street and she brings this edge to the Saint Laurent Collection.


tumblr_mglj2493Nh1r1gv4lo1_1280 tumblr_mgliy9yirS1r1gv4lo1_1280


The songs on her EP are all a complete mix of music styles, but apparently this was the aim – she wanted the EP to be a sort of collection of songs – I love this idea; rather than having a message to present – her EP is about her sense of musical taste, showing her versatility. There’s more to come from this girl and I bet she’s going to be hot topic this year.

She is currently touring the UK and the USA; for dates and venue information click here.

My favourites songs:



Renoir, Film Review

Last week I thought I would be cultural and go and see a French film. There are so many great French films and as I speak fluent French it is a crime that I don’t go to see more of them. Being a huge fan of French artist Renoir, I was delighted when I saw that the biopic film of Renoir was still showing at my local cinema.

Directed by Gilles Bourdon, the film follows the later life of Pierre-Auguste Renoir at his home in Cote d’Azur. Aged 74 and have recently lost his wife, Renoir has taken up local girl Andree as his latest, and final, muse. Fiery coloured hair, youthful, plump skin, Andree is a bold character that brings energy back into the Renoir household. Renoir’s son, Jean, returns home to recover from an injury received whilst fighting in the great war. The film largely follows the influence that young Andree plays in the two men, one who is coming to the end of his life and the other whose life is just beginning.

Although the film isn’t particularly dramatic and we don’t learn anything new about Renoir, it is not for this reason that the film is a must-see. Cinematographer Mark Ping Bing Lee has given the film a dreamy feel, each scene looks like a Renoir tableau, it was very easy to become distracted by the beautiful surroundings and setting.

One of the most beautiful French films I’ve seen in a long time.

ecf86ea1-6099-4996-bc13-6858478fdca8 20369180.jpg-r_640_600-b_1_D6D6D6-f_jpg-q_x-xxyxx 58728bed-3bac-4f91-a94e-b0f9bb1af554 17812689-a2f3-4e72-8ed3-88fb47509e7a 16f97503-e5f2-4f5b-9f5c-2a7cae321f31 Renoir 2