Round-up London Fashion Week AW13 – Simone Rocha


Simone Rocha, daughter of John Rocha, has only been showing solo for a few seasons after first showing with Fashion East. Grabbing the spot light with her strong, feminine collections this young designer of 26 has been the chou chou of the fashion world for the last few years. Her AW13 collection is surprising light coloured for a winter collection and very pink. The forms, texture and attention to detail are what make her collections so popular.

95804_960n 95806_960n 482603_10151452488894851_788521745_n Simone Rocha - Runway - LFW F/W 2013


Round-up London Fashion Week AW13 – Moschino Cheap & Chic

Moschino Cheap & Chic, Moschino’s playful younger sister, is always fun and adventurous. Creative director Rosella Jardini, always shows the brand’s younger label during London’s Fashion Week as she believes London is at the forefront of young, playful fashion, which I definitely second.

For the young fashion savvy girl on a budget and on the look out for something silly yet feminine Moschino Cheap and Chic’s latest collection is nice and bright to blow those winter blues away – although admittedly we have to wait until next winter to wear!!

Always on the edge of tacky, we see lots of garish colours, lots of leopard print, graffiti prints and 80s inspired shapes, dropped waists and dresses with peter-pan collars and exaggerated pussy bows.

Love Moschino Cheap and Chic for a bit of feminine fun.


902745_12ULWMY8HR8F68FJ2WGCF5BEKUYB66_moschino-cheap-and-chic-lfw-aw-13-14-5_H183649_L Moschino show, Autumn Winter 2013, London Fashion Week, London, Britain - 16 Feb 2013

Round-up London Fashion Week AW13 – Orla Kiely



So my London Fashion Week Round-up AW13 must start with Orla Kiely’s presentation. The way she approached the presentation format was something I hadn’t seen before, like stumbling across a 50s movie set in action, except the beautiful mannequins were in constant rotation. The set had been designed to look like a 1950s style office with models posing as the office secretaries. Orla Kiely, renowned for her 50s style and patterns, has produced a beautifully, wearable collection for AW13/14. Yes it may not so “fashion forward”, but what Kiely does best is her graphic patterns and kitsch sweetness. This women’s brand keeps going from strength to strength as buyers can’t get enough of her. Sweet collection.







Sky Ferreira, Music and Musing – Saint Laurent pre-fall13


Sky Ferreira is really gaining momentum at the moment. After the release of her EP Ghost back in October, She seems to be everywhere I turn. Pitchfork reviewed her as; “It’s official: she’s the year’s next big latent potential”.

So reading up about this girl, I find out that she had a bit of a fail start in the industry but by cleverly using the contacts she had made and nurturing her look, she’s made it back for another stab at it – and I believe this time around she’ll make it. She’s obviously a very clued up girl and like many young singers these days isn’t just marketing herself as a singer. She appears on all social media platforms and is continuously becoming more and more involved in the fashion scene, recently landing the model/muse role with Saint Laurent.

I absolutely fell in love with her I saw the Saint Laurent Pre-Fall13 collection shoot shot by Hedi Slimane. Her girly, grundgy style is so up my street and she brings this edge to the Saint Laurent Collection.


tumblr_mglj2493Nh1r1gv4lo1_1280 tumblr_mgliy9yirS1r1gv4lo1_1280


The songs on her EP are all a complete mix of music styles, but apparently this was the aim – she wanted the EP to be a sort of collection of songs – I love this idea; rather than having a message to present – her EP is about her sense of musical taste, showing her versatility. There’s more to come from this girl and I bet she’s going to be hot topic this year.

She is currently touring the UK and the USA; for dates and venue information click here.

My favourites songs:



Renoir, Film Review

Last week I thought I would be cultural and go and see a French film. There are so many great French films and as I speak fluent French it is a crime that I don’t go to see more of them. Being a huge fan of French artist Renoir, I was delighted when I saw that the biopic film of Renoir was still showing at my local cinema.

Directed by Gilles Bourdon, the film follows the later life of Pierre-Auguste Renoir at his home in Cote d’Azur. Aged 74 and have recently lost his wife, Renoir has taken up local girl Andree as his latest, and final, muse. Fiery coloured hair, youthful, plump skin, Andree is a bold character that brings energy back into the Renoir household. Renoir’s son, Jean, returns home to recover from an injury received whilst fighting in the great war. The film largely follows the influence that young Andree plays in the two men, one who is coming to the end of his life and the other whose life is just beginning.

Although the film isn’t particularly dramatic and we don’t learn anything new about Renoir, it is not for this reason that the film is a must-see. Cinematographer Mark Ping Bing Lee has given the film a dreamy feel, each scene looks like a Renoir tableau, it was very easy to become distracted by the beautiful surroundings and setting.

One of the most beautiful French films I’ve seen in a long time.

ecf86ea1-6099-4996-bc13-6858478fdca8 20369180.jpg-r_640_600-b_1_D6D6D6-f_jpg-q_x-xxyxx 58728bed-3bac-4f91-a94e-b0f9bb1af554 17812689-a2f3-4e72-8ed3-88fb47509e7a 16f97503-e5f2-4f5b-9f5c-2a7cae321f31 Renoir 2


Wildfox SS13 Look Book – Flash back to Clueless days

My little sister got me the movie Clueless on dvd this Christmas. I screamed when I opened the present – it was my favourite movie back in the 90s and still is. I’d been wanting my own copy for so long.

So to my surprise during my daily blog browsing I saw that Wildfox Couture founder Kimberley Gordon had put up the new SS13 look book on her blog; for the SS13 look book the Wildfox team were inspired by the movie Clueless.

For those who don’t know so much about Wildfox; Wildfox Couture was setup in 2007 by childhood friends Kimberley Gordon and Emily Faulstich – it has had huge success and in my opinion this is due to their incredible creative talent in presenting their brand. Each look book is deliciously fabulous.

This has to be one of my favourite Wildfox shoots. Check it out…







All image rights go to Wildfox Couture

Photography by Mark Hunter
Editing by Kimberley Gordon

Styling by  Kimberley Gordon, Meredith Leyerzaph & Emily Siegs

Executive Producer  Jimmy Sommers

Ps. Blogger Haleigh of, whom I have been assisting these past few months, has recently posted an interview with Wildfox founder Emily Faulstich, with whom she is very good friends with. It’s a good read and as usual Haleigh posts some gorgeous photos – Haleigh interviews Emily Faulstich

Commissioned Illustrator Amy Bridges

Wallpaper Illustration Moodboard

Gradually between my numerous jobs I am scurrying away trying to get this blog into shape. I’ve been emailing illustrator Amy Bridges for the last few months concerning a wallpaper for the background of my blog. Amazingly Amy has cleared some time this Christmas to illustrate my ideas. I’ve just sent her the mood board so watch out for the wallpaper in a weeks’ time. In the meantime check out Amy’s work on her blog – her illustrations are so cute.

Anna Karenina Film Review

anna k moodboard

I have been waiting for Anna Karenina to show at the cinema for months now. Since studying Russian history while at the lycée I have been obsessed with Russian culture (I was even set to take my place at Paris Soborne to study Russian for a degree). Anna Karenina is one of those classic novels to come out Russia, with credit going to one of Russia’s literary legends Leo Tolstoy. Published in 1878 during Imperial Russia, the novel bares a resemblance to Tolstoy’s life. He was born into nobility, involved in scandals and constantly questioned love. These were the main themes carried through from the book to the screenplay written by Tom Stoppard.

Joe Wright, who also directed Atonement as well as Pride and Prejudice, chose a lead cast of Keira Knightley who plays Anna, Jude Law who play’s Anna’s husband, Alexei and Aaron Taylor-Johnson who plays Anna’s lover, Vronsky. The story is set in 19th century Imperial Russia and follows the story of Anna Karenina. Married with a son whom she adores, Anna’s husband is a minister of the Russian government, most of his time is taken up with his work and he finds it difficult to show any kind of emotion towards his wife and son. Anna seems to be content with her circumstances until she meets Vronsky. Anna is prepared to give up everything for Vronsky, an unmarried, rich officer, who she falls madly in love with. The film follows the relationships of many other couples throughout the film; all of whom show the different sides to love and marriage. This I believe is the main backbone of the film. Yes it talks about restrictions of society, but this theme is not profound enough to base a story on. Tolstoy’s novel was about love; the contradictions of love, the battle with lust and the search for pure happiness with another being.

When looking back on the film, I am surprised to say the character that I grew to love was not Anna, but her husband Alexei. Anna shows both her selfish, destructive side as well as her loving and passionate characteristics, all of which we can relate to when it comes to love. But I don’t feel like her character grows at all throughout the film. She discovers true passionate love but it is the destruction of her not the making. At first you see Jude Law’s character Alexei as a mean, emotionless man who possesses his wife; but you come to realise that he is one of the purest most loyal characters in the whole story. His inability to show his emotions is not something to attack but something to understand. When the affair between his wife and her lover comes to the breaking point of his family and marriage he show’s forgiveness and pity. Jude Law evaluates his character beautifully; “you see slowly and gradually how his vulnerability awakens; he takes his eyes off his work, which is so much a defining part of him, and the human being comes out to fight for his wife and family. By the end, he’s travelled quite an interesting journey.”

So one last final word on the film, the setting. Amazingly most of the film takes place in a theatre, the theatre is adapted with stage props and sets for each scene. When I heard about this I wasn’t too sure how it would be pulled off, but now having seen the film I can say with beautiful ease. Many philosophers talk about how life is a stage performance and we are each the principal lead in our own drama. You have that feel with Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina. The most beautiful part of the film for me, visually, is the very last scene. Where the stage is a meadow and the meadow continues down onto the main audience floor, making the characters on the stage look as though they were an impressionist’s tableau.

Anna Karenina is still showing so if you haven’t already been to see it you really must.

All I want for Christmas is….

wishlist moodboard

  1. Red Cashmere Gloves, £75 DUFFY at
  2. DIY Sparkle Crown, £95 Natalie Ann Moran
  3. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat, £22.50 at John Lewis
  4. Kusmi Tea, 12.65€ Kusmi Tea Paris
  5. WAH Nail Art book, £9.99 at WAH Nails
  6. Wildfox Cropped Sweater, £157 Wildfox
  7. Maria Francesca Pepe Swarovski crystal and pearl ring, £120 Maria Francesca Pepe
  8. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, £7.27 at Amazon
  9. Petrol Leather Boots Topshop Unique, £120 Topshop
  10. Clueless on DVD, £3.00 at HMV
  11. Dior Massai Red Nail Varnish, £18 at Selfridges
  12. Christian Lacroix Notebook, £9.95 at Liberty London

Real Chocolat Chaud à la French way

After the cold, brisk walk from the metro to my apartment, the only way to warm up is with a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Having tasted the delights on offer at Angelina’s salon de thé, powdered chocolate from a plastic box just doesn’t cut it anymore. So now I’m a fully fledged hot chocolate snob I’ve started making myself and flatmate Lucy real chocolat chaud, the way the French make it.

To make:

Heat up a couple of chunks of dark chocolate with a tablespoon of water. Add your milk and whisk. Then heat up again. Sweeten with a sprinkle of brown sugar. Et Voilà un chocolate chaud…pour les soirees froid.


IGGY AZALEA in Paris at The Social Club

So last Tuesday evening I dragged my tired arse down to The Social Club. Nothing was going to stop me from going to see the amazingly stylish and talented Iggy Azalea, who happened to be doing a set for one night only in Paris. Her last Paris appearance was in June, so I was so hyped when I found out she was playing again.

Obviously my gold Gogo Philip hoops and my Dr.Martens were the go to for my outfit.

After being reassured by one of her entourage at the door that her booty was all real, I made my way into the den to find Iggy already on stage. The atmosphere was amazing – you could tell only hardcore Iggy fans had come along, mostly expat hipsters with some young Frenchies thrown in. In true Iggy style we were told to sway our middle finger and girls were invited up on stage for a twerk contest.

Notorious for her 20min sets, Iggy wasn’t on long – but it was short and oh so sweet. The girl is crazy hot and very talented. Her aggression and style is so contagious, we left like an army of cloned Iggy’s ready to go forth and spread the word of “Pussy Power”.

Iggy has a few more dates lined up in Europe before she heads back to the States, so go see her bitches (Iggy influence).

Trapgold mixtape can be downloaded for free from Iggy’s website.


Have you seen Iggy’s most recent video Back 2 Tha Future

But nothing can beat Murda Bizness

Mystery Jets at La Fleche d’Or Wednesday 21st Nov

Woo hoo the Mystery Jets are in town…in Paris and to make things 10 times more awesome – they’re playing at my fav Paris venue – La Flèche d’Or, this place plays host to the coolest of the cool indie groups and singers. So annoyed I missed Lou Doillon last month. The venue is so chilled out and it’s club goers are so much fun.

The Mystery Jet’s Radworld UK tour started this month so after their Uk appearances they’re now on the last few stops in Europe before finishing off In London before November ends.

Their new album shows a shift in musical style – They have obviously taken inspiration from their album recording location of Texas. Their music is softer and shows a hint of country style influence, although they have stayed true to their electronic-keyboard tripping roots. I like what they said on their fansite, it’s what I thought when I first heard their song The Hale Bop, which I’m totally killing btw –

 “unsuspecting listeners could be forgiven for thinking that all three Bee Gees are alive and well”

Their album is on iTunes or better still go see them live if you’re in Paris this evening.