Korean beauty has taken centre stage of the beauty industry, everyone is looking to the East for the next cosmetic advancement or latest trending ingredient.

One very smart lady, Alicia Yoon saw the demand for Korean beauty products here in the west and created Peach & Lily. The idea behind Peach & Lily is to teach its customer about the innovations behind the brands, as well as ancient philosophies and beauty rituals from the East.

So why is Korean beauty so popular at the moment? Well did you know that they were the ones who came up with the BB cream? We also have them to thank for the CC cream! They have introduced the western world to many new innovations and new products including sheet masks and the cushion compact. So quite naturally we start to look to Korea for our new beauty fixes.

They are also the ones who introduced us to the benefits of snail secretion, which sounds revolting but surprisingly is packed full of collagen boosting nutrients. Hyaluronic acid is great for improving your skin’s moisture content.

By educating and offering advice alongside hand selected and quality approved brands Alicia is definitely giving the customer what they crave. For so many online retailers fill their blogs with the same generic ‘how to create the smoky eye’ posts, which have become a bit tiresome to say the least. As I am sure also most would agree, entering into the beauty hall at Selfridges is a military mission; ducking and diving the missiles of perfume clad store assistants ready and armed with the latest Juicy Couture scent to kill you off in one spritz.

As well as running a super helpful blog which offers advice and ingredient info, Alicia’s team go through a rigorous process to test and carefully select the brands they sell,  maintaining a high standard of new and forward-thinking brands.

So if you’re in the market for a new oil based cleanser or a collagen plumping face mask from Korea look no further than Peach & Lily.

Shop the Sheet Masks at Peach & Lily here: http://bit.ly/1opgRwD