It’s no coincidence Apple made their editorial debut of the new apple smart-watch via Vogue China last November!! Clever brands are realising how much of a market China has become.

This thirst for designer labels is not only exclusive to China but all of Asia; when I worked in Thailand and Singapore, I couldn’t believe the rate at which shopping malls and designer stores were popping up. It seemed there was a launch party every week!!

I was quite surprised to hear that Angelica Cheung, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue China, had a difficult time launching Vogue China 10 years ago. A lot of talent and brands were very short-sighted and uneducated about China’s potential. China makes up 29% of luxury market sales!!!

Although more brands are now savvy of China’s importance in the luxury industry I see it time and time again, they launch without really targeting their product properly to the culture and beauty ideals of the market they’re trying to enter.

The west is still imposing its beauty ideals on the east and it’s just as Cheung said, the chinese don’t understand this downbeat mod-adrodgynous style that the west so loves! What works for us doesn’t necessarily work for them!

For example, tattoos in certain parts of SEA are cool, other parts they are associated with thugs and are frowned upon, but here in Europe it’s trending to sell your products with tattoo adorned models.

Understand Asia, its varied religions, culture, history and heritage and you can sell well.