Instagram, once upon a time, was where I shared selfies of my new manicure holding bottles of perfume and magazines, occasionally I’d share a picture of my shih-tzhu puppy or something I’d baked, but it seems more and more of us are now actually using Instagram for something totally different.

Don’t worry this isn’t about to turn sinister. Insiders believe that we are increasingly using Instagram for shopping. Get this, 90 million people use Instagram regularly every month and those people like photos on Instagram at a rate of 8,500 per second…per second. If you think about all the visuals that are being absorbed that’s a lot of subconscious marketing being taken in!

Currently shopping on Instagram is not so obvious, nor is it easy or direct, it’s hidden behind smoke and mirrors. More and more labels are building their brand awareness through Instagram, bloggers are being paid to promote them and there are apps and websites popping up making the most of this untapped market to provide this additional shopping service.

Heard of www.keep.com? They are doing just that! Using the infamous hashtag, got to love a hashtag, Keep taps into the hottest trending pics on Instagram and then tells you where you can shop the clothes.

CEO Scott Kurnit tells Venturebeat: “Our job is to find cool stuff that is trending, and it dawned on us that there is this vast fashion experience on Instagram but you can’t click outside of the ecosystem…If you see something you like, there is no further information on where to get it or easy way to buy it. We want to make those images actionable.”

So if you don’t think you’re shopping on Instagram you probably are and if you’re not, you will be very soon! Social e-commerce is happening!